An inside look at our high standards

Discover how we select the best restaurants and food sources that are healthy, delicious, and sustainable

How we find the best healthy food - anywhere

Our standards for healthy are unapologetically high. Our collection is filled with healthy, delicious and sustainable options. Spots that don’t live up to our standards don’t make the cut… which raises an important question…

What do we mean by “healthy,” anyways?

“Healthy.” Ask five people what that means and you’ll likely get five unique answers. So, what on earth do we mean by healthy? We love looking at it through three pillars…

healthy anywhere guiding values and principles: body earth soul for healthy, sustainable, delicious eating

That means we aren’t into health foods that taste like cardboard… or lavish dinners that offer minimal nutrition and maximum food coma. We like a middle ground. We’re fans of creative meals and experiences that deliver nutrition and delight.

Beautiful beets at Aria, Atlanta
Crudo + rooftop veggies, Sorrel, San Francisco

We ask a lot of questions (so you don’t have to).

When evaluating restaurants and meal services, we go deep and evaluate sourcing practices, cooking techniques, ingredients, menus, and more…

  • Are they using organic ingredients?
  • Do they consistently source locally (produce and/or meat from producers within ~150 miles)?
  • Do we see consistent healthful preparations using high-quality whole food ingredients?
  • Do they offer a variety of good greens and leafy vegetables  (spinach, kale, arugula, chard, watercress, etc)?
  • Are they using healthy oils (high quality from trusted sources, ideally organic and unrefined)?
  • If they offer animal products, are they choosing mindful meats (pasture-raised, grass-fed, wild and/or heritage meats)?
  • Do they feature healthy fish (anti-inflammatory, low-mercury, and sustainable by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch list)?
  • Are there any artisan, handcrafted menu items or practices to get excited about (e.g. in house-pickling and fermenting, freshly-milled grains, in-house handcrafted pasta, etc )?

Yep. We actually spend time looking at these factors and more. Each spot we include in our Collection stands out in one or many of these areas. Brownie points are also given to those restaurants and businesses that prioritize green practices and sustainability or community and charity support. When remarkable, we note these efforts within our Collection. 

Word on the street is also important to us. Is this spot highly acclaimed for its experience, deliciousness and creativity? Will it delight the soul? We want to give you healthy picks that’ll nourish your spirit too (i.e. not ones on par with dry, flavorless rice cakes).

find good healthy food nearby
healthy outdoor dining in Austin TX at Bento Picnic
Outdoor dining area at Bento Picnic, Austin

Plus the inside scoop on the best dishes to order and how.

When applicable, you’ll also see our top picks on what to order. These standout dishes verified by a holistic nutritionist make it easy for you to choose what’s healthy and delicious. And of course, you’re always welcome to choose your own adventure too. 

Along with these recommendations, we include any inside scoop the restaurant has shared on preferred ways to order from them. Delivery services often take a big cut out of revenues, which is especially hard on restaurants. Your order may not fully support that restaurant in the way you intend. Where possible, we share direct info from restaurants, so you know exactly how to best support the health and sustainability of your local restaurant economy.

All so you can enjoy the best healthy eats near you.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone asking all the questions we do. We do all that digging, so you don’t have to! Plus, we give you the freedom to decide what’s most important to you. Our interactive filters let you choose what you want to see based on your own food standards. You get all the benefits of our thoughtful curation, plus the ability to find what suits you specifically.

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