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Healthy Anywhere US healthy restaurants coverage - May 4, 2023
Last updated May 4, 2023

San Francisco Bay Area (extensive)

    Wine Country, CA 

    Monterey / Carmel

Denver/Boulder, CO

New York City 

30-A Florida

South Orange County, CA

Los Angeles

Miami Beach


Birmingham, AL

Auburn + Montgomery, AL

Downtown Charlotte

Top US healthy spots

Coverage is updated frequently, with prioritization per member feedback. 


🙂 It’s 1 part art, 2 parts science to find you the best of what’s healthy, sustainable, and delicious. 

We’ve been benchmarking restaurants for years. Full-time since late 2018, in fact!

We look at the overall mission and philosophy, sourcing practices, menus, ingredients, and more to evaluate healthfulness and sustainability. 

We get tips from health experts, chefs, and food critics. And of course, we cross-reference ratings and reviews as a last step. Oftentimes we’ll get hands-on experience, but we don’t consider ourselves food critics per se. We set the standards and then assess and verify accordingly.

The top picks are curated just for you in our app. 

We understand that “healthy” looks unique for each individual. Because of that, we focus our curation on healthful, clean, sustainable foods that serve as a foundation for a wide range of eaters.

If you wish to find high-quality, healthful ingredients that are deliciously made, you’ve come to the right place!

P.S. We don’t begrudge the occasional artisan treat and encourage healthy balance in all things 😉 

Some of our favorite spots are whole food plant-based Vegetarian and/or Vegan spots!

You’ll love our good “Greens” filter in the app. This indicates a remarkable quality and variety of leafy and/or green vegetables. 

You can also search for Vegetarian or Vegan. Within our descriptions, we take care to mention places that are particularly suited for these preferences.

You enjoy the best of all worlds here – exquisite vegetables and high-quality sustainable fish and meats. 

Our healthy “Fish” filter is precise and shows only places that reliably have high-Omega-3, low-Mercury fish like Wild Salmon, Herring, Rainbow Trout, Sardines, and more.

Our wild “Meat” filter indicates you can reliably find pasture-raised meat like beef, lamb, chicken, etc. We will mention and recommend meat *only* when it’s pasture-raised and/or organic. 

We also verify places that use healthier fats and oils like EVOO, grass-fed butter and dairy, coconut oil, nonGMO expeller-pressed canola, and more. 


Most of our recommended restaurants naturally include gluten-free and/or dairy-free options – or will readily accommodate preferences and modifications.

Also, our Gluten-free and/or Dairy-free filters can be used anytime you want to find explicitly named options for you on menus – or when you want to find a 100% gluten-free facility. We’ll clearly note this within the restaurant summary when applicable. 

For Celiac folks: We’ve heard differing opinions and observed varying levels of risk tolerance. We recommend you check or call ahead, even when a place is designated 100% gluten-free, as there’s always a chance for third-party vendor contamination, etc.

Please note – given our strict standards, our 100% gluten-free facility list is fairly short, but these are special spots. We’ve seen several reported “Celiac-safe” restaurants that include additives, preservatives, and/or other ingredients we wouldn’t normally recommend for anyone – let alone immune-sensitive individuals. You won’t find any such place in Healthy Anywhere.


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When you open, reopen, or refresh the app, we do check your location, as this allows us to show you recommended healthy spots near you.
But we don’t check anything when it’s closed or in the background.