One mistake restaurants wish you’d never make when ordering takeout

Have you made this honest mistake?

The worst way to order takeout according to independent restauranteurs

“Why would you do that?!” “Why would anyone do that?!”

He exclaimed…. 

It was an honest question. And it hit a nerve in the  exasperated NYC restauranteur. We were on a Zoom call discussing the state of restaurants. 

My question?

“What do you think about people using the delivery apps to place pickup orders? After all, it’s an option.. And people tend think of “delivery” as the thing that hurts restaurants”

He proceeded to set me – very – straight. 

“No, no, no..” 

“When a customer orders pickup through a 3rd party delivery app – that’s a slap in the face. We still pay a significant cut of that order as a ‘marketing fee’ to the 3rd party… And for what?! Most of our people are regulars anyway. It’s just the worst.”

He continued…

“Never mind that I have many ways for you to place a takeout order.. You can call me, and I’ll happily take your payment over the phone. But we also have a way to order on our website. It’s easy and secure and it works. That’s how I want you to order from me.” 

“I have to think people just don’t realize what they’re doing. I wish more knew.”

One thing restaurants wish you knew

Ordering direct means more money for you and the restaurants you intend to support.

Restaurants have taken steps to lure patrons back to ordering directly. Many place postcards in orders as an FYI to build awareness of their preferred ordering system. Many also raise prices on the 3rd party platforms, so customers can typically save 15% or more by ordering direct. 

Do continue to support your local independent restaurants, especially right now. And if you’re not sure – ask how they prefer you place your order. 

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