We’ve got a lot to say and bold ambitions for furthering health and well-being.

Our food values are the foundation upon which we stand. 

We believe that fresh and clean whole food is foundational for a healthy lifestyle

with lots of veggies

fresh and clean whole food - decadent delicious brunch feast for 2 at Lulu's Berkeley

We believe eating is a nourishing act. An agricultural act. A political act. A healing act. Function, flavor, and form. All in one. 

Healing foods nourish our bodies, our soils, and our communities. We eat for personal and planetary health. 

Eat healthy food that makes you feel good physically, mentally, and spiritually

In striving for optimal health, we seek food that helps us feel good – physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

We seek to Eat local, buy local, and live local as much as possible. 

We understand that certified Organic, while a great baseline, is not always best. We acknowledge it’s vital to do the work to understand agricultural practices and to support the small sustainable farms that are key to our future.

We avoid factory-farmed meats, dairy, and eggs at all costs.

We seek to support aligned small local businesses – from the thoughtful independent restaurants, cafes, markets and more.. to the small farmers, artisans, and purveyors that supply them.

Truly regenerative agriculture is remarkable and worth the extra effort in seeking out. 

Regenerative female Farmer Kyle with her happy pasture raised cows

We value quality over quantity. We take the long view and take steps towards a better future for ourselves, our community, and our planet each and every day. 

Each moment offers a fresh chance to make a better, healthy decision. We value progress over perfection. 

We need Diversity.

We understand that diversity is requisite for healthy soils, healthy foods, healthy microbiomes, minds, and bodies. We need a wide variety of nutrients and perspectives to thrive. 

We appreciate that different seasons of life may call for different dietary preferences. Paleo. Vegan. Whole food, plant-based. Pescatarian. Vegetarian. Omnivore. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. And so on. To each their own and in their own time.  

Beautiful green breakfast salad at all-day brunch Cafe Lift in Haddonfield, NJ

We keep it Real…

We supersede diets and honor all approaches to healthy eating, so long as real, whole, clean foods are the foundation.

… and tread lightly

While maintaining our high standards, we regard ourselves lightly and smile and laugh as often as we can.

Tread lightly, laugh and smile often for a healthy happy life

We are adaptable and perpetual learners, quick to forgive ourselves and others.

When we slip – and we inevitably will – there is no shame. We get back up and start taking one step after another. 

We strive for healthy balance in all things – purposeful nutrition, sustainable farming practices, soul-satisfying delicious meals, vibrant community engagement, and ecological consciousness.

We are the modern healthy eaters

We seek the healthy, the sustainable, and the delicious.

Together, we do the best we can to honor our food values and to positively make a difference in our lives, our communities, and our planet. We eat mindfully and with love. We nourish ourselves and each other.

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