Take the work out of eating well.

Your days are busy enough. Finding what’s healthy shouldn’t be taking your energy or adding stress.
That’s why we created Healthy Anywhere: to help you experience effortless ease and joy in living healthy anywhere.

Our signature offering — a location-based web app — is designed to help you locate the best options near you. Our vision is to grow our coverage to be your go-to wherever you may go!

enjoy eating delicious and healthy food anywhere

Conscious. Clean. Curated.

We’re guided by holistic nutrition principles and eco-conscious values.
Our holistic picture of health includes…


Clean, whole foods.


No nonsense.


Thoughtful farming
and sourcing.

Sustainable practices.




Highly acclaimed.

Creating a way to eat healthy – busy schedule and all.

Our Founding Story

“The initial spark for Healthy Anywhere came after an especially challenging travel day as a consultant. After midnight, I found myself “hangry,” suitcase in hand and knee-deep in snow near downtown Philly. I’d avoided all airplane food and had been stuck on the tarmac for hours with unexpected delays. I was headed to an empty corporate apartment with bare cupboards – and no food in sight. 

Stymied, I vowed never again to be caught off guard. In trips that followed, I mapped out the best wherever I went and established a system to not merely survive – but to thrive wherever I was. That system started as many hours over weekends and late nights, reading menus, websites, reviews, critics, blogs, and more. I kept spreadsheets and eventually migrated everything to a database. 

That evolved into Healthy Anywhere! Our platform now analyzes restaurants and food sources to an incredible level of detail. We find the best options for you, so you can eat with integrity and save your brain for real decisions.”

— Leigh Balkom, Founder                  

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Meet the woman behind the vision.

Leigh Balkom, Chief Enthusiast

The highlights…

  • I spent the better part of 15 years in healthcare technology and consulting, often flying 100k+ miles per year. By necessity and desire, I developed a system to enjoy the best, healthy food anywhere!
  • While originally from ‘Bama, the SF Bay Area has been home base since 2003. I arrived for a consulting project and instantly fell in love with the landscape, climate, culture, outdoor adventures, good food, and good wine.
  • In 2020, I completed a 2+ year holistic nutrition certification to go deeper on lifestyle, nutrient, and whole-food therapeutic interventions for a variety of health concerns.

Plus a few fun facts…

  • Coded first program in 7th grade using DOS (yes, the dark ages). It ran a loop of graphics and music, featuring Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca.
  • Appeared on several episodes of a PBS cooking show.
  • Former vocalist for a San Francisco jazz band – played a few weddings, events and had a run at a SOMA brewery.
  • Feel most fully alive during and after an intense workout – ideally cycling or running hills.
Leigh Balkom Chief Enthusiast Healthy Anywhere gravel cycling
Healthy Anywhere Founder Leigh Balkom
Leigh Balkom, Founder & Chief Enthusiast
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