Your word for the Year

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Do you have a word or phrase for this year? A rally cry or North Star to orient your actions and goals? 

Honestly, resolutions never really ‘did it’ for me… though I do love “Resolve”.

Over the years, resolutions fell to the wayside in favor of a ‘theme’, with or without related specific goals.

For example:

2017’s theme was “intentional connection and learning”, especially during constant travels on the road. This meant making time in each destination to nurture relationships with colleagues or contacts. This also reminded me to “look up” as I was rushing here and there – to notice and acknowledge people and beauty in airports, hotels, cities.  

2018 had a head-turning phrase, literally. It was “to strip away all that is not me”. Suffice to say, I was eager to rid myself of ego, to be fully present and to get to the core of what “I am”. I had a separate work theme, which was “start” – to get started, from ground zero after walking away from a lucrative and long-standing beloved post.

2019 found me weary from launching too many things at once. I felt there was much more to “strip away all that is not me”, so I continued the 2018 theme. With work, my word was “tech” (i.e. ‘technology’, Mom!). It was time to focus on enabling our technology platform to benefit many humans.

Mondays in 2019 began with a videoconference of fellow entrepreneurs. I’d look forward to hearing everyone’s “word” of the week. Words like: confidence, self-compassion, balance, permission, patience, momentum, persistence, presence, grace, etc.

One’s ‘word’ typically changed week-to-week and sometimes carried over, depending on professional and personal situations. 

My word often was “momentum” as I felt like I was trying to push a boulder up a steep hill, just to get it to a lip or plateau.. and too often that boulder would fall back and try to topple me! 

Only in retrospect was I able to comprehend new ways in how I could progress – and had progressed – that daring 2018 theme of “stripping away all that is not me”. 2019 was a year of intense learning. 

It’s now 2020, and the rough waters of 2019 have calmed for the moment. 

My phrase for 2020? It’s: “Make (more) meaning and magic”. In spades. We’ve got to bring more value to more people this year… Period.

Do you have a word or phrase for your year?

If you like you could always use: “Healthy Anywhere” or even “Eat Clean + Breathe Deep + Move Often = Never Settle”!  😉

As you think through a word or phrase for your year – or week, or day – remember to extend any good graces to yourself just as much as to others.  

Below are a few inspiring words from this past week.

All the best to you in continued success and good health, anywhere!  

— Leigh

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