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Silence your inner shame and ‘cheat’ critic in their tracks.
“Healthy consciousness”.
That’s one of the phrases I’ve learned from our clients (along with “healthy easy button” and more). You can learn a lot by listening to your customers!  
Our clients report an elevated “healthy consciousness” when we support their travel.
It seems that awareness of the best options around (without having to lift a finger) – plus a touch of accountability through connection – goes a long way towards healthier travel.
Awareness is always the first step. 
Occasionally after a few times, I’ll hear: “I was doing so well – much better than usual, and then I blew it!” And then, “I totally ‘cheated’…”
This ‘c’ word tends to make me squirm.
I’ve worked hard to abolish it and its related sentiments over the years. That’s challenging when our culture tells us the norm is to ‘go on a diet’, to have a defined regimen of what ‘to eat’ and ‘not to eat’. The good vs the bad. On the wagon, off the wagon. Restrictions vs cheating.
Cheating implies
* There are foods that you want to eat but can’t because they’re “off-limits”
* You’re confined to a specific regimen that will keep you ‘in-line’ and in shape
* Beyond those ascetic borders are sinful, shameful delights.
Yes, shame.


In my book “cheat” is a four-letter-word just the same as “diet”. (and yes, I realize the former’s literally five-letters) 
Cheating and shame result from taking the short view.
You’re one misstep away from blowing it. One fall and you’re somehow back ‘off the wagon’ on an irrecoverable course.
This reflects our culture’s desire for instant gratification. Microwave fitness. We must have it – and we must have it now
My heart goes out to those who’ve been told: “have one cookie, and you’ll be back on your meds forever”. This is no ‘healthy’ advice. This is food addiction in disguise. 
A healthy mindset takes the long view. 
After all, this is a lifestyle. 
Here’s some healthy perspective: One small ‘slip’ across your life not only is inconsequential – it’s unavoidable. 
And what’s a ’slip’ anyway? 
If your intention is to provide yourself with good food – food that nourishes your body, mind, and soul – you’ll eventually get to the point where you gravitate towards the good stuff because you want it. Over time you learn what foods trigger reactions and discomfort – and you avoid them, not because they’re “off-limits” but simply because you want to feel good and take care of yourself! 
From this perspective, “cheating” doesn’t compute. It just feels foreign. 
Focus on the good, and you get more good.
Goes without saying, the inverse is just as true. 
This mindset, this lifestyle – it’s 100% your choice. 
No one is perfect. And thank goodness that’s true! Imagine how dull this place would be if we were all ‘perfect’. 
All we can offer is the best we can each and every day. 
To seek a better way for ourselves, our bodies, and our planet. 
We look at the world in terms of better choices, good choices, and best choices.
The next time you ‘slip’ and make a ‘less-than choice’, take note of how you feel – is your stomach in knots, do you have headaches, feel bloated or just plain ‘meh’?
Resolve to move forward making better choices for good. Smile, and move on. Be kind to yourself and remember – We’re always here to support you on your journey. 
We have no space for shame. We’re far too vast for that. 
And so to shame, we bid thee farewell: 
    Auf wiedersehen 
    Buh. Bye. 
Have a story to share in how you’ve made ‘cheat’ a foreign word? Or are you struggling to make this happen? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below. 

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