7 top healthy & new restaurants in Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, and more

This article is part of our Nutrition + Dining series. Here we explore holistic health topics and share favorite dishes from aligned restaurants.

22 healthy and new restaurants we're excited to try (or love already) part II

We’re celebrating all the brave and beautiful healthy restaurants that newly opened across the past year, with a few that pushed openings into 2022. 

We ultimately reviewed over 600 new restaurant openings across our readership locations — and closely evaluated menus, sourcing practices, health and nutrition, reviews, and critical acclaim — to find the optimal intersection of healthy, sustainable, and delicious.

We hand-selected the top 22 from the 5% that rose to the top.

Yes, that’s 22 for 2022.

(Looking for Part I, with #s 1-8 from California? It’s here.)

Enjoy this ‘taste’ of healthy. In no particular order, grouped by location. 

Our top picks for healthy new restaurants, continued

Grilled Sumo Kumo Oysters with Yuzu Koshō and Lardo from local pigs at TOMO Seattle
Grilled Sumo Kumo Oysters with Yuzu Koshō and Lardo made from local Olsen Farm pigs
Healthy, beautiful seasonal hyper-local dish Root Vegetable Aguachile at TOMO, Seattle
Beautiful Root Vegetable Aguachile at TOMO

Eclectic hyper-seasonal spot in White Center celebrating a diverse heritage

Opened September 2021

Tomo is a creative tribute to the diverse heritage of the culinary staff and to the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. Its objective is friendly, informal fine dining. 

The name, “Tomo”, means “friend” in Japanese and is also a nod to celebrated Chef Brady William’s grandmother, Tomoko. (IE the recent former chef of iconic Canlis) 

Strong Japanese and Venezuelan references amongst others are found on the daily-changing, vegetable-forward menus. 

The five-course tasting menu features just the right touch of ethically-sourced meat and seafood. ($78 per person). An all-vegetarian option is available, as is a Saturday a la carte lunch. 

Reservations are a must, lest you show up early for bar seating with a limited a la carte menu.  Reservations open at 10 am on the first day of each month for the subsequent month. As of mid-March, reservations for April were nearly gone. Book early! 

Note: seaweed/soy/salt/sugar aversions are not accommodated

Photos courtesy of TOMO

Healthy fish at Apple Blossom Denver, a farm-to-table restaurant showcasing Colorado farmers and purveyors
Healthy fish like Rocky Mtn Trout is typically on the menu at Apple Blossom
locally sourced gumbo at Apple Blossom Denver
Duck gumbo
Apple Blossom

Farm-to-table restaurant showcasing Colorado farmers and purveyors

Opened November 2021, brunch started Jan 2022

Fans of the former Beast & Bottle will appreciate this latest incarnation inside the Hyatt Centric Downtown Denver. Apple Blossom brings American cuisine celebrating all things from local farms, ranchers, and purveyors.  

Apple Blossom sources intentionally from producers that honor the health of humans, land, and animals. Highlights include chemical-free, nutrient-dense produce, wild-caught fish, 100% grass-fed lamb and beef, pasture-raised pork, and locally-made non-GMO tofu.  

Healthy options are found throughout the menus – from beautiful vegetables and Rocky Mountain Trout at dinner to pastured eggs and muesli at breakfast & brunch (hello, lamb hash with salad!). Mixed lettuces or other salads work well for a healthy lunch in a pinch.  (locally-made non-GMO grilled tofu also available)

They’re open morning, noon, and night, plus a daily grab & go counter starting at 7 am. 

Photos courtesy of Apple Blossom

healthy sustainable scallops with organic microgreens and seasonal vegetables at Le Jardinier healthy Houston restaurant
Sea scallops at Le Jardinier Houston
Beautiful cheese and fruit plate at healthy indulgent restaurant Le Jardinier, Houston
Artful burrata from late fall menu
Le Jardinier Houston

Vegetable-forward chic French cuisine inside Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts

Opened late May 2021

Le Jardinier brings healthy “indulgence” with an artful twist inside an inspiring space at Houston MFA. 

Local seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, and greens are the focus, with delicate inclusions of sustainable seafood, poultry, and meat.   

Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a beautiful look into the lush Cullen Sculpture Garden, designed by famed sculptor and landscape architect Isamu Noguchi. 

This combination of wellness, indulgence, and good taste marks the third installment of Le Jardinier in the US, after New York City (1 Michelin Star) and Miami. A fourth location followed Sept 2021 in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Photos courtesy of Le Jardinier Houston

Vibrant and healthy, all plant-based dishes at Heartbeet Houston, TX
Vibrant and healthy, all plant-based dishes at Heartbeet
Locally-sourced, all plant-based daily brunch at Heartbeet in Houston, TX
Daily brunch available!

100% plant-based Mediterranean cafe 

Opened September 2021

Heartbeet comes from the team behind Hungry’s, a family-owned longstanding Houston institution for healthy comfort food. 

Vegetable-forward and health-focused, Heartbeet is also 98% vegan. The produce is locally-sourced and the grains and lentils are organic. 

Pick from a number of salads and bowls that are as colorful and tasty as they are nutritious – with a wide variety of vegetables.

Citrus marinated “ceviche” uses a flavorful mix of young coconut, hearts of palm, guacamole, and more, served with plantain chips. 

Other picks include nourishing spiced lentil soup, ginger-chili Brussels sprouts, and beet ‘potato’ salad. Healthy tonics like the anti-inflammatory “Ginger Turmeric Tonic” are available for sophisticated sipping. 

The spacious outdoor deck/patio is dog-friendly. 

Also: Kids menu, gluten-free, and nut-free options. 

Photos courtesy of Heartbeet by Hungry’s 

Specialty breakfast harvest bowl with local pastured egg and ingredients from MN family farmers at Farmers Kitchen & Bar, Minneapolis
Breakfast "Harvest Bowl" with local pastured egg and ingredients from MN family farmers at Farmers Kitchen + Bar
Locally sourced seasonal salad and artisan baked goods at Farmers Kitchen and Bar, Minneapolis, MN
Locally sourced seasonal salad and artisan baked goods
Farmers Kitchen + Bar

Farmer owned-and-operated restaurant, bakery, & market with hyperlocal eats

Opened August 2021

This exciting addition to the historic Mill District neighborhood offers an ever-changing array of fresh, local products. 

High-quality ingredients like local pastured eggs, 100% grass-fed beef and other meats, artisan cheeses, seasonal produce, jams, maple syrups, and more grace both the menu and the market. All sourced from or made by Minnesota family farmers and producers. 

Patrons can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, weekend brunch, a full coffee bar with housemade bakery items, and a ‘proper’ bar with local beers and ciders plus craft cocktails featuring farm-to-glass spirits. Take-out or dine-in. Plus the artisan market for picnics or daily provisions. 

A good selection of seasonal salads & grain bowls is on offer. (We recommend the “Harvest bowl” variations for both breakfast and dinner!) Wholesome items from the bakery include buckwheat chocolate chip cookies and homemade granola bars. 

Don’t miss the rotating calendar of seasonal “Farmers & friends” dinners and community events, provisions boxes, and bakery pre-orders. 

Directly support – and connect with – the family farmers bringing fresh local products from field-to-plate. 

Photos courtesy of Farmers Market + Bar

Fresh, punchy healthy salads plus healthy broth and more at Electric Greens, Chicago, IL
Fresh, punchy salads, healthy broth, and elevated toast at Electric Greens

Vibrant, bold salads + broths liven up lunch in the Loop (inside Revival Food Hall)

Opened February 2022 

Low-acid eaters beware… Electric Greens is rocking the salad voltage with an emphasis on bold, bright flavors and textures.

Fresh leafy greens, bright vinaigrettes, flavorful ferments, and “crunchy bits” make up the strong salad lineup. There are eight salads in total to choose from, including six mainstay signature salads and two rotating seasonal salads.

Elevated avocado toast selections and slow-roasted sipping broths are also on offer. (Spice up your broth with one of several “broth bombs”) 

We love superfood inclusions like dark leafy greens, sunflower sprouts + other fresh-snipped microgreens, hemp seed/sunflower crunch, and ginger and turmeric.  (Ginger and turmeric are found in the “Electric Vinaigrette”).

We’ll take pickled onion over plain ole’ onion on a salad — every. single. day. And there’s more where that came from… Electric Greens has creative pickled toppings like broccolini, apple, pineapple, and beets.

They had us at “crunchy bits and flavorful ferments”…

Photo courtesy of Electric Greens

Beautiful plant-based spread by Chef Rodolfo Cuadros of Bloom Plant Based Kitchen in Chicago, IL
Beautiful plant-based spread by Chef Rodolfo Cuadros of Bloom Plant Based Kitchen
Photo by Lori Sapio
Artful, tasty tart featuring almond truffle cheese and fresh radishes at Bloom Plant Based Kitchen
Photo by Lori Sapio

Plant-based food for both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike 

Opened late July 2021

Bloom Plant Based Kitchen is bringing approachable, 100% plant-based, eco-conscious eats with nightly dinner and Sunday brunch. 

It also happens to be 100% vegan and 100% gluten-free. 

Stonefruit coconut ceviche? Yes, please! 

Don’t mention the addictive nut-based cheeses on the Cultured Cheese Board or Almond Truffle Tart! 

And it’s very reasonably priced, fancy touches like “coconut ginger foam” and all. 

This labor of love and health by Chef Rodolfo Cuadros (also of Amaru) is worth checking out.

We love the inclusion of cruciferous vegetables, dark leafy greens, and gut-friendly elements like kimchi and other ferments. 

Photos courtesy of Bloom Plant Based Kitchen

Tried any of these new healthy hotspots? Let us know in the comments below! 

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