Healthy holiday takeout guide for San Francisco Bay – Christmas & New Year’s

This article is part of our Nutrition + Dining series. Here we explore holistic health topics and share favorite dishes from aligned restaurants.

40+ spots to enjoy delicious *and healthy* holiday dishes in SF Bay Area

For your healthy holiday cheer, we scanned hundreds of menus across the Bay Area from Marin to San Francisco to Silicon Valley and clear across the East Bay.

Christmas and New Year’s menus tend to be more decadent, but we’re always up for the challenge! 

Our quest: Find beautifully-balanced holiday menus and dishes that are delicious, sustainably sourced, and healthy. With sufficient leafy greens, healthy vegetables, and just the right amount of indulgence. All made with fresh whole ingredients. And we don’t begrudge artisan treats…

The entire mini-collection, including direct links to order, was updated early December in our app, exclusively available to Collection members.

Below are our top favorites. Enjoy this ‘taste’ of healthy. 

Here’s to a continued deliciously healthy holiday season! 

Our top picks for healthy Christmas holiday takeout in SF Bay Area

healthy, sustainable, and delicious holiday feasts near you in San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley, Oakland, Marin, and more
Remarkable feasts for 2 + a la carte holiday delivery: ACT Catering at Home

ACT Catering is delivering arguably one of the healthiest holiday feasts Bay Area wide through their “ACT at Home” service. 

Chef Owner Kristine Seinsch takes pride in ACT’s ethos of healthy, local, and sustainable and in preparing simple yet vibrant vegetable-forward fare.

Their seven-course feast for 2 is sure to delight both Omnivores and Vegans alike. A la carte extras are available. 

Both feasts include a grilled persimmons + chicories salad, roasted leek & heirloom carrots confit, artisan-tea-infused heirloom squash with cornbread,  potato cake, and dessert made with unrefined sugars. 

The Omnivore option also features apple cider-brined California Diestel turkey and a prawn cocktail. The Vegan option includes Roasted stuffed acorn squash and grilled artichoke hearts.  

Pre-order before Sunday Dec 19 for a scheduled home delivery Dec 22 – 24. 

It’s all in refrigerated compostable packaging, ready to eat or reheat as needed.

Bonus: with a $5 delivery fee Bay Area wide, it’s no doubt healthy for your wallet too! 

Photo by Cheshire Isaacs (IG: @cheshiredave) courtesy of ACT Catering

beautiful organic vegetarian holiday feast Greens Restaurant San Francisco healthy dining
A glorious Vegetarian spread and holiday tradition: Greens Restaurant

Green’s Mushroom Wellington with porcini gravy is a sight to behold. We believe every table needs this beauty atop it this holiday season! (for the gluten-initiated*, of course)

Their well-balanced holiday menu features a winter chicory salad, braised collard greens, roasted winter vegetables, a cheese plate, and more. 

Additional delights include sparkling wine (both regular & non-alcoholic), festive beverages like spiked cider, plus pies and cookies by the dozen.

*A gluten-free mushroom terrine is on offer in lieu of the Wellington, as needed for the GF crew. 

Oh those lucky souls who ordered by 9am Dec 16!

Photo courtesy of Greens Restaurant

Healthy organic Winter bitter greens salad, Boulettes Larder, San Francisco, CA
The Winter Bitter Greens salad, in holiday dinner set or a la carte: Boulettes Larder
Kippered wild Salmon on Boulettes Larder healthy holiday menu San Francisco, CA
Kippered wild salmon, one of many a la carte items: Boulettes Larder

You’ve got until noon Dec 21 to order from Boulettes Larder’s “Christmas with Italian Accent” menu for pickup / local delivery Dec 23 (3-6pm).

Boulettes consistently delights with extensive weekly menus, each creatively centered around a theme or international inspiration.

Their special Thanksgiving and Hanukkah menus were remarkable, and they’re going for a three-peat with a beautiful Christmas offering.

The Omnivore and Vegetarian friendly menu is worth a look. 

One dinner set generously feeds 2 and features a Winter Bitter Greens Salad, seasonal minestrone soup, Christmas cookies, and choice of polenta dinner (we go short-rib sugo, but all look deelish!)

Plus more a la carte dishes and dips (yes –  Dungeness crab!), spreads, pantry items, and special treats – including cakes, pudding, and culinary gifts for the hard-to-please gourmand.

Call for help choosing champagne, wines, and cocktails.

Photos courtesy of Boulettes Larder

Arab inspired sustainable healthy holiday menu Reem's San Francisco and Oakland
Chocolate braised lamb holiday meal kit: Reem's
Assorted holiday sweets from Reem's San Francisco and Oakland, CA
Assorted holiday treats: Reem's

Reem’s is offering a festive Arab spread for the holidays with full meal kits for 2 or 4. Assorted sweets also available. 

Their Chocolate Braised Lamb Holiday Meal kit includes braised lamb with cocoa nib dukkah, spiced Arabic rice, Seasonal Fattoush with the requisite greens, chicories, persimmons, pomegranate, and more; Winter Squash with house chile spice mix, garlic, and herbs. And Ma’amoul-stuffed semolina cookies. (pistachio, walnut, and date)

This uniquely delicious feast is available for order by Dec 20 

Available for pickup Dec 23 from SF (Mission) or Oakland (Fruitvale). Oakland also offers larger catering and free delivery $500+. 

Order through their website and scroll down to the Dec 23 Holiday specials => Meal kit.

Photos courtesy of Reem’s

healthy avocado hummus holiday dip Farmship Marin sustainable eating & dining
Avocado hummus dip, one of many fun starters: Farmshop Marin
Farmshop Marin special organic local wholesome holiday pies and desserts
Bakery pies and treats, part of the robust season-long holiday menu: Farmshop Marin

Hot off the press, Farmshop’s at it again!

They’ve just released a holiday order form requiring 48 hours advanced notice through New Year’s Eve.

Order from their robust holiday menu for pickup any day during the holidays!

Featuring a salad of Winter lettuces, spiced holiday nut mix, Vitamin-B-rich chicken liver mousse, cheese & charcuterie platters, and bountiful veggies like haricot verts, brussels sprouts, and hen of the woods mushrooms.

Also available are numerous mains large and small: oven-ready 14+ lb Diestel turkey or 3-4 lb brined Pasturebird Chicken, Prime Rib roast, Kurobuta Ham, and Salmon.

Plus various desserts and wines. 

Treat yourself… or 10!

Photos courtesy of Farmshop Marin

Other notables

We don’t dare mention the Chez Panisse sharks who seemingly circle and attack as soon the menu’s released! The beloved Berkeley establishment still has available a few vegetable sides, some lovely hors d’oeuvres, ice cream, and wines – plus pantry items and a fun holiday gift set… but don’t even think about getting one of their Christmas mains – those were long gone! 

A handful of remarkable artisan bakeries throughout the Bay Area are offering wholesome desserts and treats made with organic, locally-sourced ingredients and natural sugars. These and more are all included in our Collection. 

We also tracked notable dining for Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, & New Year’s day.

Our healthy holiday options totaled more than 40 top spots with delicious, sustainable, and healthy (or healthy-ish) dishes. 

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