Think it’s impossible to stay healthy when you travel – and enjoy it – effortlessly?

Think again!  

Imagine no worries over where you’ll eat. Knowing you’ll get the best – no matter your needs or principles. 
You don’t need to spend hours researching restaurants to stay healthy on the go. You just need a system that works.

Whether you have specific health goals, concerns, dietary preferences – or simply want the best that’s healthy and delicious – we’ve got you covered. (And then some) 

We optimize for nutrient-density, delight, and sustainability. 

Savor healthy each step along your way. Enjoy the best in Organic, Local, and Sustainable dining. Good for your body, the earth, your tastebuds – and your soul. 

Don't waste another precious minute...

  • Sorting through opinions or sponsored ads to find ‘the good stuff’. We apply standards to find the good stuff for you. 

  • Sacrificing your food values or principles.

  • Stressing over preferences or food sensitivities.

  • Calling restaurants for dietary accommodations

  • Paralyzed by dining decisions and choices

  • Compulsively Yelping or Googling

That’s right.. No mo’ “FOMO”!

Healthy Anywhere, Your Healthy Dining Go-to

  • With deep analyses of restaurant menus, sourcing, and philosophy – we’ve asked ALL the questions for you… and then some.
  • Have a special diet (Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Pescatarian, Flexitarian, etc) – or just wanna stay healthy? We’ve got you covered. From juice bars to Michelin stars.
  • We apply holistic nutrition, advanced data analytics, and elbow-grease to find your best options for healthy and delicious meals and snacks for each day.  
  • Some have opinions. We have standards. 
  • Your personalized best options go straight to your calendar, and our companion app provides more options as you wish. 
  • Under $25/day with a 10-day flex pass. Use as needed within 90 days. 
  • If you need a healthy boost, we provide a holistic health & nutrition analysis and consultation.  
  • Currently available for U.S. metro destinations. Please inquire for needs outside U.S.

“My busy workday calendar came with scheduled healthy options in NYC. The app made it easy to find and try great places!”

— Karen, Marketing Executive (traveled to Midtown Manhattan)  

Stay nourished, enjoy healthy - especially on-the-go.

Purchase 10-day flex pass, $249

We’ve spent years following restaurants and food systems. We’ve even built a platform to analyze individual ingredients, sourcing, restaurant values and more. (Yes we’re that into it). We’ve asked all the questions – so you don’t have to.
We’re guided by holistic nutrition principles and eco-conscious values. We prioritize real, delicious foods. Organic, local, unprocessed, and sustainable. Based on facts, not opinion.
We avoid unhealthy sourcing and ingredients (additives, high fructose corn syrup, processed inflammatory oils, etc) like the plague.
Based on your needs and values, we provide your best matches for meals and delightful dining. 

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”

— Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin  

Our Customers are Talking

"Everything was so thoughtful and wonderful. Our meals were all lined up - no thinking required. HUGE Thank you!"
Heather W
Managing Director
"I'm usually a '2 or 3' out of 10, in being healthy on the road. This past week I was an '8 or 9' and it was awesome! I had new clarity and peace of mind, even after four power days and nights of meetings."
Kristin W
Product Executive
"I LOVE your service. It was such an unexpected joy. The only problem is I now want it everywhere I go!"
Virginia C
Philanthropist & Operations Executive
"The upfront nutrition assessment alone was tremendously valuable. I was surprised to learn so much that was immediately actionable, in just one session with Leigh".
Kristin E
"Healthy Anywhere laid out everything for my trip, and even suggested wonderful restaurants to take customers. I was more conscious of healthy choices and more active than usual. On one trip in particular, they set me up with nutritional support to help keep me going despite an upper respiratory illness."
Mike B
National Sales Manager
I've been visiting my mom for years and had not discovered a wonderful healthy restaurant right by her house - Thank you Healthy Anywhere for introducing us to a new favorite!
Jocelyn C
Visual Designer

“You’ve created the true Healthy ‘easy button’. I loved not having to THINK.” 

Ready to enjoy healthy on the road? Let's get started.

Purchase 10-day pass, $249


Purchase a pass and follow email instructions to set up your profile (~5 min). 

Send upcoming travel needs to the email provided, with a minimum lead time of five business days.

You’ll receive your top five ‘best bet’ healthy resources for your trip and access to the app to explore more good options as you wish. 

All options are vetted by Healthy Anywhere standards. No one can ‘buy’ their way onto our recommendations.  

We look at the world in terms of best, good, and better choices – and adjust our analysis according to each location to find you the best healthy and good options around. 

Purchase the program and follow email instructions to complete your profile setup (new customers only, ~5 min). 

Follow instructions to complete your 3-5 day food journal. Our online app makes it easy. If you have questions, we’re a text away.  

Once your info is verified, you’ll schedule a virtual consultation (45 – 60 min) during which Leigh will present and discuss your results and personalized recommendations. 

The assessment includes a deep analysis of your current nutrition and lifestyle habits, including:

    • Macronutrients (carbs, fats, protein)
    • Micronutrients (Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Omega-3s, etc)  
    • General physical activity
    • Exercise level 

Opportunities to improve are identified and paired with specific recommendations and practical resources based on your location and lifestyle. 

We’ll discuss other areas of concern such as stress, sleep, and social habits. 

You’ll also have the option to purchase a discounted 10-day flex pass. 

Right now we’re serving U.S. metro areas and major airports, and we are expanding our coverage area. 

We have a rigorous, intense process for each city’s setup. A number of locations are in progress.

We’d love your input in prioritizing what’s next! Tell us what you want below, and we’ll keep you posted.