Finish Strong

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Bring it home and finish strong, no matter what.

The Healthy Anywhere guide to Finish Strong. Make progress towards achieving your goals and dreams.  

Finish Strong no matter what

# 1: Set your sights and resolve

Get clear on exactly what you want to accomplish and why. 

Once you have a clear goal, write it down and place it where you’ll see it each day.

Solidify your motivation by going through exactly why you want to do this and what you expect to gain from doing it. Knowing your ‘whys’ will be important when faced with conflicting priorities. 

Set your timeline and be sure you have the resources you need. If you lack knowledge, plan to get it or get help. 

# 2: Release the past. "Learn, don't Linger"

Embrace Now for optimal productivity. 

What’s happened before doesn’t have to matter. The world’s turned upside down, you gained 20+ pounds, you lost the ‘big deal’, you lost 6+ months of productivity, you ‘lost face’ in front of everyone… News flash: That’s done. You can create a better future starting Right. Now.  

Everyone has setbacks, sometimes massive. Learn from the past, but don’t linger in it.
Mind that inner voice that tries to recount all your failures or troubles-to-date. Take a deep breath, reset, and move forward. Right now, you have a chance to do good – so do it!
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# 3: Keep moving

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Focus on right-action and daily progress

Set weekly goals aligned to your overall goal.  Each day, determine your most important next step and take it. 

Work to keep moving, one step at a time. Avoid the traps of analysis paralysis and overwhelm. If you find yourself spinning, leave it – step away, and come back later. When you’re overwhelmed, focus on that most important next step and the smallest discrete action you need to take.  

Always be learning and moving forward.

# 4: Stay Accountable

Have an Accountability partner 

Make your goal known to someone other than yourself. At a minimum, identify one friend or mentor to whom you’ll report weekly progress. Be sure they agree to hold you accountable to your word and to support you in navigating challenges.

Feel free to share your goal more broadly if you know it’ll help you stick to it. 

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# 5: Have Fun

Make it fun and enjoyable. 

If you’re not able to enjoy either a) what you’re doing or b) what you’ll get out of the result, then I’d question why you’re doing it in the first place! 

Find a way to fit some fun and laughter into your daily grind. 

Set up milestone rewards along the way to mark progress toward your goal and infuse some fun. It doesn’t have to be extravagant – just something you’ll look forward to. 

Wanna watch a new movie from your favorite director? Make it a treat after you finish x, y, or z. 

Do your best, celebrate your progress, and accept the outcome

Celebrate, and start again.

Oftentimes the result may not be exactly as planned. But so long as you’re doing your best and following through, that’s something to celebrate. Give yourself due credit. 

Learn, adjust, rinse, repeat! And don’t forget to enjoy the journey. 
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What are you waiting for?

Get out there and Finish Strong!

Share how You’ll bring it home in the comments below. 

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