Avoid holiday overeating with these 3 tips

Three tips for a healthy mindset for the holidays and beyond. Avoid overeating and stay healthy and fit through the holidays or any time of celebration.

These habits reinforce each other to keep your healthy mindset going strong. 

When you slip, just get back up and keep going – no sense in beating yourself up. Resolve to do better and make it happen. Onward!

3 tips for a healthy holiday mindset

# 1: Graze, not gorge

A catch-phrase to keep you from stuffing your face! 

What is it about the holidays that beckons us to overeat? All those tasty treats and morsels that surely will vanish, if we don’t. eat. them. ALL. NOW?!

If that sounds familiar, be sneaky and tuck some away, concealed in the fridge or cabinet for later! 😉

The point of “graze, not gorge” is to not overeat at any one setting or meal. (‘Graze’ isn’t a license to eat all day long like cattle!)

Overeating even just once affects your metabolism, prompting your body to store the excess energy as fat. Keep that up, and you set yourself up for weight gain and blood sugar problems (or worse, diabetes, obesity, and more).

Aim for a fullness level of around a seven to eight out of 10. You never actually want to feel “full”.

Know your number: 7-8 out of 10. Never ”full”.

# 2: Quality over quantity

Avoiding regretful empty calories. 

Higher quality foods are more satisfying and filling, and help keep you from “gorging”. 

“Higher quality”, as in whole, unprocessed foods, ideally organic and local. You get a variety of nutrition and really fresh food. More nutrient-dense.

This doesn’t mean healthy has to be heavy!

You can enjoy a delicious meal featuring nourishing winter vegetables, clean sustainable meats (wild salmon, scallops, cod, pastured turkey, etc), ‘healthier’ fats like EVOO, coconut oil, organic pastured butter or dairy and even treats made with whole grains and whole sugars like maple syrup and honey.

Much more satisfying than a bag or box of junk food! 

Too many options? Be strategic!
Single out the high-quality foods and beverages you think you’ll like and try small tastes first before “committing”.  

Higher quality = more satisfying and filling => lower quantity

# 3: Mindful over mindless

Reinforce healthy eating by staying “in the moment”. 

You’ve likely heard that eating while calm, cool, and collected helps you get more nutrition and value from your food. IE when you “rest”, you “better digest”.

In contrast, when stressed, your body shunts blood flow and focus away from digestion in favor of respiration, running, and surviving. And you don’t absorb as many nutrients from your food. 

Before you eat, pause and take a few deep breaths to center yourself and prime your body for optimal digestion. BONUS: You’ll also be more mindful of grazing, not gorging – and quality over quantity! 

Be present when eating to optimize digestion and delight. 

Happy, healthy holidays to you and yours. Stay safe, stay healthy! 

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