When thoughts are meaningless

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Are your thoughts bankrupt? Here’s how to remedy… and make good on good thought. 
Have you ever thought to do something, or thought of someone… and then the moment passes and that is that — no action, only thought? Perhaps we feel a small tug to reach out and say or ask something, help someone with a suitcase, connect with a friend or relative, etc. 
We can find false satisfaction and comfort in our ‘kind’ thoughts.
If we are the only ones privy to such benevolent thought, and especially if the intended object of our thought never knows or experiences it – then what is the point, other than smug self soothing? 
That friend we fondly remember would never know we were thinking of them, unless we take the next step and reach out – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. 
Thoughts are cheap when they remain nothing more than a nice, kind thought. 
And the longer we pause after a kind thought or inspiration, the less likely we are to act on it. Inaction can lead to further contemplation and wasted brain space, or even guilt for not acting precisely when the time was right. We must remove the barriers to benevolent action. At the very least, writing down the thought in a journal or to-do list will ensure we capture that thought for later prioritization and potential action.
But if we are thinking of a friend, why not send a quick text wishing them well and letting them know they are on our mind? If we see someone struggle with a suitcase and we have the physical strength, why not lend a hand?
For the small positive things, practice doing without hesitation. Cultivate a bias for positive action.  
Only then can we run with our stirrings and lean into the thoughts that are worth thinking and doing. 
So Breathe Deep.
And when the thought comes, may we be inspired to act and bring new meaning to life.
Make it real. Make it count. 
And should you feel there simply is never time to act, may we suggest that you read this

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