4 essentials for a deliciously healthy Summer

This article is part of our Nutrition + Dining series. Here we explore holistic health topics and share favorite dishes from aligned restaurants.

4 essentials for a deliciously healthy Summer

With warmer weather and longer days, Summer brings a new chance to tune your diet and lifestyle to support good health.

Whether you’re planning a road trip, grand vacation, or staycation this Summer – we’ve got your healthy eats checklist to keep you happy and nourished along your way.

As always, listen to your body and prioritize healthy whole foods. To stay happy and healthy while beating the heat, we prefer organic green juice, seasonal salads, a proper breakfast, and a few healthy indulgences in moderation.

#1) All-organic green juice

Nothing says hello, healthy quite like a fresh cold-pressed green juice made with all-organic veggies! (Bonus: local when possible for hyper-fresh nutrition)

What’s it’s good for: Alkalizing hydration & notching up nutrients. Plus feeling all clean and pristine 😉

Juicing can be a wonderful way to get your greens. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, fresh-pressed juice provides an instant hit of nutrients or get a quick pick-me-up. 

What to watch out for: Save the fruit and starchy vegetables for later to eat whole. Even carrots and beets can amp up sugar when juiced, as the fiber is removed. We always “go green” with seasonal greens, celery, cucumber, and/or parsley.

Since you’re essentially mainlining greens, always verify the source is fresh and clean, produced using organic or better practices. 

If you have a medical condition restricting greens and have never juiced, avoid it. 

Go-to example: “Great Green” juice at For the Health of It in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Made with seasonal greens and a touch of lemon. 

all organic green juice post red eye flight essential for healthy Summer travel
Conquering post red-eye flight with all-organic "Great Green" juice from long-standing favorite For the Health of It, on Florida's NW beaches of 30A.


Green juice is meant as a pick-me-up and nutritional boost —  not a meal replacement. It lacks fiber and roughage, which brings us to #2…

#2 A seasonal salad, a la Alice Waters

Channeling Alice Waters as the ultimate salad muse and goddess. 

A sensational salad on any menu is often a proxy for more deliciousness! 

For Summer travels, we scan menus for fresh and seasonal, high-quality ingredients that are simply prepared. (think lightly dressed with fruity EVOO, herbs, salt, vinegar..)

Look for crisp cooling plates that won’t weigh you down. Seasonal berries, stone fruits, cucumbers, and melons incorporated into salads are all wonderfully refreshing on a hot summer day.

Good for: Whole food nutrition, good greens, and antioxidants. Somewhat hydrating.  

Watch out for:  Dressings not made onsite. “Sad salads” with wilted lettuce or lacking vivid varied colors. These bright colors are markers of nutrition! The more, the better.  

Life’s too short for sad salads! 

Go-to example: Of course, we could mention the classic Chez Panisse Local lettuces with baked local goat cheese. Or their “Rocket and Fennel Salad with Toasted Hazelnuts and Pecorino”…. but that would be cheating 😉 

One of our favorite SF Bay Area spots for delicious salads featuring sustainable greens and vibrant colors is Pizzeria Delfina. Yes, a pizzeria! 

healthy organic greens salad at pizzeria delfina in san francisco, ca
Little Gem salad on menu late Spring/early Summer 2021 at Pizzeria Delfina in SF Bay Area

Photo courtesy of Pizzeria Delfina

#3 A proper breakfast

There’s something about the eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a queen.. adage that we love – and it’s the emphasis on breakfast… Any day is best begun with proper fuel, and Summer adventures are no exception.

Good for: Sustained energy, balanced blood sugar and stable mood. Fueling your brain. (did we mention smiles?)
Start your day properly fueled with balanced nutrition featuring protein, fat, and carbs. Protein is key for sustained energy and the touch of fat and carbs help keep blood sugar levels in check. Keep in mind leafy greens and veggies are wonderful carbs! And Chef Alice would be proud of your ‘salad for breakfast’. 😉
Watch out for: refined carbs, white flours, cheap eggs from factory hens, and other poor-quality ingredients. 
Recommended variations: Organic pasture-raised eggs with seasonal greens and avocado toast. 
Plain local yogurt made from organic pastured dairy. (plain has no added sugar!) Top with organic fruit, granola, or honey for a touch of sweetness as needed…. Omega-3 Bonus: add fresh ground flax &/or chia! 
Frittata with garden vegetables and arugula. 
We love to sample and share the goodness around the table. Which brings us to healthy indulgences like whole-grain pancakes and artisan baked goods. 
These are wonderful to try and taste in moderation. 🙂 
Go-to example: you could get pretty much any or all of these dishes at Season’s Harvest Cafe in Cypress, TX where the eggs come from onsite chickens. (outside Houston & the Woodlands) 
a healthy, hearty organic breakfast fresh-milled organic whole grain pancakes, farm to table in TX
Fresh-milled organic gluten-free buckwheat pancakes to share with a loved one or friend, with leftovers 😉
healthy housemade organic granola with yogurt and honey at healthy farm to table cafe in TX
House made organic cardamom granola atop yogurt with fresh fruit and drizzled local honey.

Photos courtesy of Season’s Harvest Cafe

#4 a few healthy delights, to sample and share

If you’re exploring new areas this Summer, seek out local artisan treasures and tastes you can’t get anywhere else.

A few examples…

  • Handmade local artisan bakery treats from freshly-milled organic whole grain flours. (think: long-fermented sourdough croissants with all that crumb! YUM) 
  • Handcrafted small-batch cheeses (pastured jersey cow, sheep, goat.. or even Vegan!) 
  • For caffeine needs: Proper organic artisan coffee or tea house
  • Locally-made Kombucha or other craft beverages
  • Boutique biodynamic low-intervention wines. 
Good for: the soul 🙂 Connecting with passionate expert artisans and supporting slow food and local, sustainable food systems.  
As with breakfast, keep the indulgences balanced. Be sure you’re also getting your veggies and good clean nutrition. At any one time you should never feel overly full (aim for a 7-8 out of 10!) 
Go-to example: We just can’t wait for The French R-evolutions, a micro-baking business in Paso Robles, to reopen… now in Vermont! Parisian-born traveler and home-baker Laure Torkler painstakingly prepares specialty rye breads, “energy bread”, pain au chocolat, and so much more out of her home boulangerie.
The energy bread is great fuel for holiday hikes and bikes, or as a quick satisfying breakfast (see again #3). It includes whole wheat and spelt with apples, cranberries, raisins, nuts, and honey. 
Assortment of small batch handcrafted European breads like Brotsorten, by Laure of The French R-evolutions.

Photos courtesy of The French R-evolutions

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