4 ways to stop hurting Restaurants right Now

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Have you checked out any reopened dining or ordered takeout or delivery during the pandemic? 

I’d love to hear your observations. Did it feel safe? (Comment below to let us know!)

Restaurants are in a tough spot trying to safely open up. Many may not survive. 

The last thing we want is to put needless hurt on restaurants right now. 

Yet devilish details can make a big difference in inflicting pain. 

Check out our guide below to stop unnecessary pain and show your support.  

Stay Safe & Healthy!

4 ways to stop hurting Restaurants Now

# 1: Know your Numbers

Telephone, that is!

Sadly, you can’t just ‘Google’ or ‘Yelp’ the phone number for your local restaurant. 

Some 3rd party services sneakily list their number on directory listings and charge restaurants as much as 30% commission on orders or $6 per call if there’s no order. Some even post a fake ‘shadow’ website to list their numbers and links to order. 

Solution: Get phone numbers directly from restaurant websites – and make sure it’s not a fake shadow site! You can also order online direct from many restaurant’s ‘real’ websites. 

**At Healthy Anywhere, we take this head-on by verifying all info directly with restaurants – no tricks, ever.**

# 2: Ditch the Delivery

I know, it’s hard.

Delivery apps are killing restaurants. 

Unless a restaurant runs its own delivery – which is rare – odds are the restaurant loses money on your delivery order. 

While delivery services are oh-so-convenient, they’re still taking a big bite out of revenues, during a time when dining revenues cannot compensate. 

Solution: Order takeout directly from the restaurant – preferably contactless or curbside pickup.

And know the process before you go. We’ve heard horror stories of crowded pickup lines in unorganized restaurants.😬

**We’re highlighting restaurant pickup protocol and safety procedures in our App!**

# 3: Cut the Card

Think twice before buying a restaurant gift card.

Unless you plan on cutting it up, just don’t get it. 

A gift card sounds great, right? A quick hit of cash to help a restaurant pay bills and move forward. 

The problem comes down the road – when you show up to cash it in. Restaurants use today’s dining dollars to pay last month’s bills. Showing up for your ‘free’ meal in the future just puts more hurt on a restaurant struggling to pay bills. 

Solution: Instead of a future-pain-inducing gift card, buy actual food now. Purchase multiple meals to stock up for a few days/nights. Add groceries, pantry goods, a bottle of wine, or more where restaurants have expanded their offerings.  

# 4: Mask UP and keep distance

Restaurants are terrified of patrons not following guidelines.

Protect workers to help keep our restaurants safe and open.

We’re seeing too many photos of masked workers standing in front of unmasked seated patrons. This is dangerous and can inflict the ultimate pain when restaurants have to close again for costly cleaning and mitigation when workers get sick. 

It’s happening everywhere, over and over. 

We all want our restaurants safe and open, so follow the guidelines, and keep your mask UP as much as possible, even when dining onsite. 

San Francisco requires face-covering unless you’re in the process of putting something in your mouth. While this may sound crazy, it makes sense when you realize the act of talking can spread the virus. 

Show your Support

Restaurants need you. 

Most of all – Show up by bringing your business. Place the order. Stay safe and be smart. 

If everyone were conscientious and caring, we’d be more able to continue opening up and moving forward. Let’s do this, Together. 

We help people everywhere eat and live ‘healthy anywhere’.

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