Healthy Habits for the New Year

Live Healthy Anywhere, on the road and on the go.
Learn the top healthy habits you need to own the New Year. 
Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Exercise, and Immunity. These are all related in one holistic and virtuous – or vicious – cycle. 
In terms of New Year’s goals, we suggest striving for incremental improvements across one, more, or all of the categories as you are able. We’ve of course mapped these to our Healthy Anywhere Mantra: “Eat Clean + Breathe Deep + Move Often = Never Settle”. 

Eat Clean.

Improve nutrition through seasonal organic whole foods, while consciously consuming specific nutrients to boost immunity and performance. 


Breathe Deep.

Improve sleep duration and quality. Adequate sleep regulates our hormones to prevent over-eating during the day.

Better manage stress. Learn coping mechanisms to exit ‘fight or flight’ syndrome and to enter into parasympathetic mode. The relaxed, parasympathetic mode enables our bodies to repair and digest, and also improves immunity

Deliberately schedule more downtime, playtime, and non-tech genuine connection (“non-tech connect”) with friends and family. Share time around the dinner table with smartphones out of sight! Get outside in nature and take in the air and sun. 

Move Often.

Exercise moderately, not too long or too hard during long work or travel weeks. Intense exercise during times of stress can work against you, causing more stress and impairing immunity. DO walk as much as possible and make an effort to move and elevate your heart rate every single day. 


Never Settle.

We wish all the Best for you in your life and travels. Live well and Flourish. And never forget to lighten up and laugh, often! 

Healthy Anywhere helps executive travelers enjoy delicious, organic foods, and stay healthy, anywhere in the U.S. Our services include: travel nutrition and meal planning, food delivery, fitness support, and accountability. If you or someone you know would appreciate this level of support, get in touch to work with us.

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Eat Clean + Breathe Deep + Move Often = Never Settle™

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