All you need to know to find delicious, healthy sustainable food when eating out or eating in

The Ultimate Guide To Eating Healthy Anywhere

find beautiful healthy salad greens, vibrant vegetables, wild lettuces, and more
healthy organic kale sea vegetables salad in San Francisco Cafe Gratitude pop up
healthy, sustainable, and delicious holiday feasts near you in San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley, Oakland, Marin, and more
local pasture-raised heirloom chicken Bay Area CA Berkeley

What's inside?

  • At-a-glance visual guide with remarkable eats from our Bay Area Collection
  • The proxies and tricks we use to find “good food” 
  • A distillation of learnings from a lifelong pursuit of healthy, holistic nutrition and food systems studies, and 100s of hours of independent research. 

What you'll learn:

  • Why organic isn’t always best and what to look for instead
  • Our #1 proxy for identifying a great place to eat
  • How to navigate slippery sustainability and healthfulness of seafood (hint: they’re often not aligned)
  • How we put it all into an interactive tool to help you eat healthy anywhere.  
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