Healthy Anywhere 10-day flex pass, with App


Flexible 10-day pass, to use within 90 days. 

Know your ‘best bets’ to enjoy healthy along the way. 

Door-to-door and step-by-step, we keep healthy at your fingertips – literally in your calendar – so you’re never caught off-guard.

Plus, access to details and more options in our companion app.

Discover your best options for delicious and healthy meals and snacks.

10 days at your pace*: Use your days across multiple trips and U.S. metro destinations. 2-day minimum per trip recommended.

Once you try it, you may never want to go without it!

*Must use within 90-days of purchase

Good for ongoing travel, with or without our Holistic Nutrition & Health Assessment  


Knowing your preferences plus our impeccable standards, we find your best healthy options through scrupulous analysis. Currently for US metro destinations.

How it works.

Upon purchase, you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions, but here’s the gist:

New clients complete a one-time intake & preferences form online, ~5 minutes

  1. Forward info or itineraries to the email address provided. (Send with minimum five business day lead time)
  2. Be prepared for delight. We send your personalized recommendations straight to your calendar for the corresponding day(s). You’ll also receive instructions to access the companion app.
  3. Give us feedback when prompted through text or email.

We keep decisions to a minimum, with up to five healthy “best bets” per trip, more as needed for longer travel. You can access more best options near you anytime through the companion app.

Good for ongoing travel, with or without our Holistic Nutrition & Health Assessment  


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